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Local Artist Spotlight

Doug Naugle


I aspire to create an amplified eye candy experience that rocks one’s mind and
I believe it’s all the years I lived in Angel Fire, NM that have influenced me the
most. It was there and my closeness with nature that inspires what I paint and
photograph today.
With my acrylic paintings, I like to create patterns out of chaotic lines while letting
my subconscious be the guiding force. With bold bright colors and stark
contrast the images buzz with electricity. With my photography I look for man-made objects
that look organic and have similar lines and structure that mimics nature. The outcome of my
work is like lightning striking the canvas and electrifying the soul.
Read more about my history and creative process in my blog.

John Gusky


Though John originally wanted to use his BA in film to make Hollywood
movies, he opted for a career in TV new, shooting video for
local newscasts. A longtime member of the National Press Photographer’s
Association, John won many honors from the AP, UPI, NPAA,
the Gannett Company and even the Emmy’s. Along the way, and
quite by accident, he started a body of work in photography, producing
gallery quality prints with his Nikon and collection of lenses.
In 1995, John “retired” from shooting news, and now focuses on
making a visual history of his wonderings, near and far. Whether in
the streets of Paris, along the beaches of California, or in the hills of
home in Central Texas, respect for the subject and classic artistic vision
are his guiding themes. Uniquely seeing an architectural icon, stumbling upon a perfect
landscape in the perfect light, or discovering a visual symbol of our times, John’s visual interpretations
are classic, modern, unique and sublime
Competitive Juried Exhibits
2008 – Present Limited Edition Series
Austin Visual Arts Association Anniversary Show
City of Austin People’s Art Exhibit
2010 Work included in Graphic Mania’s list of Most Breathtaking Black and White Architecture


Robert Anschutz


A Fort Worth native, raised in Austin, and now living in Wimberley, TX, Anschutz
began working as a commercial photographer in the mid 1960's after earning a
marketing degree from the University of Texas.
Early on, he covered events like the Austin Aqua Festival, Texas Relays, and
Youth in Government, The Longhorn Jazz Festival, and Bluebonnet Girls State. In
the late 1970's his company, Photo Graphics, begin to offer Graphic Arts Camera
Services to artists, designers, printers and ad agencies.
In the 1980's he helped form the Austin Graphic Arts Society and served as it's
first president. From 1980-86 he was honored by the Austin Association of Advertising
Agency Principles as Vendor Person or Vendor Company of the year. From 1985 to
2001 he published the Austin/San Antonio Creative Directory.
In the 1990's he served on the advisory board for the creative arts department of Austin Community
College and was a member of the board of directors of the Austin Advertising Federation.
In 2001 he received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Advertising Federation.
Today, Anschutz documents the beauty of the Texas Hill Country through photography. His work
has been in Cowboys & Indians Magazine, the Wimberley Guide, Austin Monthly, UT Football
Programs, and the Texas Longhorn Journal.
Over 50 of his images are permanently displayed in the Deer Creek Nursing & Rehab Center in
Wimberley, TX. Five of his longhorn photographs now hang in the new study center for athletes
located in D.K. RoyalMemorial Stadium on the campus of the University of Texas. His work also
hangs in the tasting room at Driftwood Vineyards, Driftwood, TX. He is an exhibiting member of
both the Wimberley Valley and New Braunfels Art Leagues.



Marshall Foster

Marshall Foster







Marshall Foster's photography has been featured by  many media outlets and Artists such as AMC's Freak Show, Travel & Leisure, The Tennessean, Voyage Vixens, Lone Star Music, African Safari Consultants, Willie Nelson, Texas Music Magazine, Ray Benson's Roadhouse, Lomography Corp, Lone Star Magazine, GACTV and KUTX.  

In 2008, he discovered his passion for photography while working in Venice, Italy.  Marshall says, "While in Venice a friend let me borrow his camera to walk around with.  I immediately started looking for something beautiful to capture and till this day I haven't stopped looking. The camera forced me to stop and actually look at the world for once.  My camera has opened my eyes and my heart to the world."  In 2011, Marshall was awarded RAW Austin's Photographer of the Year. This same year one of his photos was selected and displayed at the Museum of Art in Rio De Janeiro.  In 2013, Marshall started his "Angels of Africa" project which allowed him to donate photos and videos to non-profits in Uganda and Kenya for their fundraising resources.  He published the book "The Angels of Africa" in 2014 to raise awareness for the groups. Marshall says, "The 'Angels of Africa' project was a humbling experience.  The project never would have happened without the love and support from many people.  I hope to continue my work with NGO's for years to come.  This area of photography is truly were my heart lives."  While in Africa he also worked on photojournalism assignments for various lodging, safari outfitters and artists on behalf of media professionals in the US.

Since 2008, Marshall has successfully focused on many areas of photography.  These areas include photographing bands, landscapes, portraits, wildlife, corporate events, weddings, non-profits, product shots, architecture and travel destinations.  Marshall says, "I'm always pushing myself to get better.  When I see an interesting photo I have to learn how it was shot or how it was edited. When I watch a movie I'm always analyzing the edits, the lighting and the camera angles.  I'm strive to continually outdo myself.  My best photo always seems to be my next photo.  I really admire the painter Salvador Dali.  He learned and perfected the techniques of many great painters, which eventually lead to the creation of his own style.  His 'knowledge palate' allowed him to  materialize his own artistic vision.  I want my own palate to be as diverse when it comes to photography.  

Taking a photo forces us to stop and smell the roses…we then share those roses with the world!

Instagram: @MixedMarshallArts

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Brass Monkey



Marcus Hysmith



Mary Seewoster


Photography fascinates me. I love to find new ways to see color, light, shapes and messages. I
photograph because I want to make images that are beautiful and memorable. My photographs
have taken two directions: those that I seek out, and those that find me. I hope they tell a story
and show the simple beauty in everyday objects.
In the last year, I have been an invited artist at several juried art/street fairs, including Tucson,
AZ, Oklahoma OK,MarshallMO, and Georgetown TX. I am a vendor at the 23rd Street Artist’s
Market in Austin, Also, I am an experienced commercial and wedding photographer and would
love to make great image for your business and your special day.
I am a fairly recent transplant to Austin, Texas. Originally from Missouri, I am a midlife career
changer, switching from office work and technical editing to photography and design. I have extensive
training in photography; B.S., Photography, CentralMissouri State University (aka UMC),
Professional Photographers of AmericaWorkshop in Commercial Photography, and Location
Photography training at the Maine Photographic workshops.