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Custom Built Tables

The custom table program from Home Trends and Design gives you the opportunity to capture nature's beauty and bring it into your home. Crafted from sustainable hardwoods, each one-of-a-kind table reflects the individual characteristics of the tree from which it was harvested. Choose from a wide range of styles and finishes to design a dining, coffee, side table, or headboard that is uniquely you.

Live Edge Construction
Each live edge table is constructed of solid wood from either the Monkey or Parota tree-two hardwood species that have very different colortones, textures, and characteristics. When creating the live edge tabletops, Home Trends & Design takes the greatest care to use only the highest quality, sustainably-sourced logs. Knots, small checks, and season splits are considered part of the wood's natural character and are preserved in the final tabletop design.

Monkey Wood
The colors found in heartwood of the Monkey tree vary between rich gold and dark brown. While the outer sapwood is pale yellow, darker streaks and wavy grain patterns are sometimes visible.
this wood makes a highly durable tabletop.

Parota Wood
The heart of the Parota tree is light to medium brown. Occasional dark streaks or a reddish hue are also sometimes present. Heartwood from this tree is very durable and will retain its beauty for generations. Note: the Parota tops that are available are not live edge tops. They are 2" to 3" thick rectangular heartwood and come in 68" and 84" only.

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